A New Kind of Relocation Service

We Are Living Location Experts.

We Help People Relocating to Chicagoland Navigate Through Neighborhoods to Find the Perfect One


Guided Tour of Chicagoland Areas You are Considering

Reduce the stress of moving! We combine our community match process with low cost guided tours - allowing you to find the best place to live for you and your family, while also reducing the time and stress of learning your way around the city.


We Link You to a Real Estate Professional

Our focus is only on you! Not selling property. We have teamed up with a network of real estate professionals that will help you find a home or apartment.

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How We Are Different

We provide a unique service focused only on community.


From Real Estate Brokers and Apartment Finders

Brokers are generally focused on one specific area, we are experts in Chicagoland!

Real estate agents are experts on selling you a home, we are experts on choosing the right community.

Real estate agents do not provide you with neighborhood insight


From Relocation Companies

Relocation services are paid by an employer - we are paid by you!

Relocation companies are focused on the transaction of your move, we are focused on helping you acclimate to Chicago.

Relocation companies are national and do not offer local expertise and insight.


From Real Estate Websites

You can spend countless hours looking for properties - but you don't know if that property is in the right area for you.

Community information is sometimes provided by websites, but don't allow you to compare and contrast communities.

They don't provide you with a broad overview of where you live and work.

Learn More About Our Neighborhood Tour Options!