Top 5 Reasons to Work with an Apartment Rental Agency

By Brittany Fish of Apartment People

Whether you are a current or soon-to-be resident of a large city much like Chicago, it’s evident that your hunt for an apartment will present you with a challenge to some degree.  An apartment rental agency such as Apartment People has the ability to efficiently match owners to renters by utilizing their knowledge, expertise, and landlord relationships throughout the city. So before diving into the trenches of finding an apartment- why not have an experienced agent do the work for you, cost-free?

Free Service

Free service- It doesn’t get more affordable than that! Apartment People, along with several other apartment rental agencies are a free service for tenants.  Because of the aggressive rental market in a city like Chicago, landlords and property management companies will compensate apartment finding agencies to help them find tenants.

Number of Listings

Like Apartment People, agencies can have up to thousands of listings available for tenants to choose from. Specifically in Chicago, Apartment People covers as far North as Evanston all the way down to the South Loop, offering a generous amount of available listings at great prices.

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Expertise of a Leasing Consultant

Through extensive training, all leasing agents/consultants are licensed by the state. After becoming licensed, they hit the streets every day, all year long, becoming familiar with the rental market, neighborhoods, properties and apartment complexes. Essentially, a leasing agent will know what areas and listings are best for you based on what you are looking for!

Landlord and Property Management Relationships

In many cases, private owners will only list their units through apartment finding services. Since Apartment People has built their relationships with landlord and property management companies for 30 years in the city of Chicago, we may have access to an ample amount of listings that you wouldn’t be able to find online. Also, keys for units are typically held at the agency, allowing greater accessibility to units.

Reduces Legwork, Saves Time

chicago apartmentIf you are not familiar with the neighborhoods, price ranges, and rental market  of the city you are looking to live in- the chances of continuously spinning your wheels for a new place are pretty high. To make life easier on yourself, let a
professional utilize their expertise and knowledge to find you your new home that aligns perfectly with your budget and search requirements!