Who We Are

We Are Living Location Experts.

We Specialize in Helping You Navigate Through Neighborhoods to Find the Perfect One


Live and Work in Chicago

Being local gives us community insights beyond statistics and data


Passionate about Community Matching

We truly believe living in the right community makes people happier

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How We Are Different

We fill a gap that exists in the real estate market by providing a unique service focused on community.


From Real Estate Brokers

Brokers are generally focused on one specific area, we are experts in Chicagoland!

Real estate agents are experts on selling you a home, we are experts on choosing the right community.

Real estate agents determine the location of your home using your budget. We take into account your entire lifestyle.


From a Real Estate Website

Sites provide you with listings, we provide a process for making a decision.

It is often difficult to compare and contrast communities.

They overload you with listings which are sorted by ad spend rather than what is best for you.


From a Big Data Website

They provide more information than you need.

Their data comes from national sources. We live right here in Chicago. We have filtered the information and picked the most accurate and relevant. Then we applied some good old fashioned common sense.

We provide a process to help you make a decision.

Begin Your Free Search Now by Giving Us Your Community Needs